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2004 Contest
Hydrogen Fueling Station

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Congratulations to University of Victoria, the Grand Prize Winner!


Participating Schools and Standings

University Award Design
University of Victoria Grand Prize 5.9MB PDF
University of California, Davis - Team Eno Honorable Mention 1.6MB PDF
Humboldt State University Honorable Mention 1.0MB PDF
University of Toronto Honorable Mention 19.8MB PDF
University of Missouri-Rolla Honorable Mention


Cornell University Participant  
University of California –Davis (Team B) Participant  
University of Waterloo Participant  
Kettering University Participant  
University of Toronto Participant  
New Jersey Institute of Technology I Participant  
New Jersey Institute of Technology II Participant  
New Jersey Institute of Technology III Participant  


The Challenge

Student teams designed a public hydrogen fueling station serving light duty hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Entries included the technical design of the station; a safety analysis of the station design; economic and environmental analyses; and a marketing and education plan. Each section was evaluated on a point system using a variety of criteria including technical accuracy, completeness, clarity of writing and presentation, professionalism, economic viability, environmental performance, and realism of the design.

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Objectives and components

The technical design was based on students preparing drawings and schematics for the station plus an analysis of the station’s energy consumption.  It also included explanations of the fueling process, and major processes in the station.

Safety Analysis was judged based on how teams analyzed the safe operation of their station.  It required explaining how their design either mitigated the risk of various failure modes or coped with the result.  Students were encouraged to address safety as their paramount concern in all areas before investigating codes and standards.

Economic Analysis of the fueling station evaluated the detailed analysis of the station including hydrogen production, distribution, compression (if necessary), storage, and dispensing methods. It also included capital costs, operational and maintenance costs, return on investment (ROI) and the selling price of dispensed hydrogen ($/kg).

Environmental Analysis by each team was based on an energy balance analysis and an estimation of the emission savings for one year.  It was based on replacing 50 conventional vehicles with 50 fuel cell vehicles.

A marketing and education plan was based on student teams providing a plan for building support for the planned station, whilst allaying public safety fears, and raising community awareness of the benefits of hydrogen technologies. The plan had to be a one-page advertisement to promote awareness of a hydrogen fueling station.



After entries were submitted in the first week of March 2004, 5 winning teams were selected: one grand prize team, and four honorable mention teams.  The grand prize team received an all-expense paid trip to Los Angeles, CA to present their winning design at a plenary session of the NHA’s 15th Annual Hydrogen Conference and Hydrogen Expo USA.  The four Honorable Mention teams had an opportunity to present their designs as posters at the conference and all had received complimentary registration.



  • John M. Brady, Chevron Texaco
  • Gary Baker, Natural Resource Canada
  • Peter Ehlers, Swagelok Co.
  • Rajesh Paulose, Chevron Technology Ventures
  • Jay  Keller, Zero Carbon Energy Solutions
  • Christy Cooper, U.S. Department of Energy
  • Neil Rossmeissl, U.S. Department of Energy
  • Patrick Serfass, National Hydrogen Association


Event Supporters and Sponsors

  • U.S. Department of Energy
  • ChevronTexaco




2004 Contest Sponsors

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