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2005 Contest
Hydrogen Power Park

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Congratulations to Humboldt State University, the Grand Prize Winner!

Humboldt State University Team





University Award Design
Humboldt State University Grand Prize 4.5MB PDF
University of Toronto Honorable Mention 2.1MB PDF
University of Waterloo Honorable Mention 1.4MB PDF
Cornell University Honorable Mention 3.2MB PDF
Queens University Honorable Mention 1.5MB PDF
University of California - Davis Participant
Wayne State University (Team A) Participant
Wayne State University (Team B) Participant
Illinois Institute of Technology Participant
Moscow Power Engineering Institute Participant


The Challenge

Student teams designed a hydrogen power park for the production of hydrogen and hydrogen-fueled electrical power to serve light duty hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and various electrical loads. Entrants were judged on their ability to provide hydrogen and electrical power safely, cleanly and affordably.

Specific judging criteria included technical accuracy, completeness, clarity of writing and presentation, operational safety, economic viability, environmental performance and realism of the design.

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After entries were submitted in the first week of March 2004, 5 winning teams were selected: one grand prize team, and four honorable mention teams.  The grand prize team received an all-expense paid trip to Los Angeles, CA to present their winning design at a plenary session of the NHA’s 15th Annual Hydrogen Conference and Hydrogen Expo USA.  The four Honorable Mention teams had an opportunity to present their designs as posters at the conference and all had received complimentary registration.


Objectives and components

Complete submissions requirements for the general hydrogen power park included hydrogen production, purification, dispensing (to vehicles) and electrical power production.  Each team had to provide a detailed description of the hydrogen production system used to produce hydrogen at the power park.

 The power park designs included the hydrogen cost and overall efficiency of production, storage, delivery, and power system design.  As part of the design teams had to plan to open their power parks by 2010 with a 10-year service life to 2020.


  • Arlene Anderson, Technology Development Manager
  • John M. Brady, Chevron Texaco
  • Peter Ehlers, Swagelok Co.
  • Sigmund Gronich, Technology Development Manager
  • Karen Hall, National Hydrogen Association
  • Jeffrey Jacobs, Chevron Texaco
  • Jay Keller, Sandia National Laboratories
  • Gene Nemanich, Independent Consultant
  • Patrick Serfass, National Hydrogen Association


Event Supporters and Sponsors

  • ChevronTexaco
  • U.S. Department of Energy



2005 Contest Sponsors

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