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Rules & Guidelines

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*Rules and guidelines subject to revision.

Questions & Answers

From Introductory Webinar:

What is required for the contest submission?

    1. Cover Sheet, Executive Summary & Table of Content
    2. Design Data and Equipment Drawings
    3. Cost and Economic Analysis
    4. Safety Analysis
    5. Operation and Maintenance
    6. Environmental Analysis
    7. Optional Features
    8. Marketing Video 

For the abstract, what would you like us to submit?              

    1. Abstract – Narrative of the team’s approach to their micro-grid, outlining the key challenges and solutions for their system design.
    2. Timeline of how the team plans to finish the project
    3. Description of major system components with specifications and rationale for their choice.

How do individual team members sign up after the team leader signed up?

The team leader just sends a list of the team members with contact details to the HEF when the abstract is due.

Can we use a university as a complex for the system we are designing?

Yes, any group of buildings are eligible. HEF may determine a minimum and maximum system size, but has not done so.

Do you have specific websites or software you recommend to use for the design and information?

HEF does not recommend any particular software.

Do you have specific technology that is already being sold that you suggest?

No, though it is important to keep in mind that the end result be something that could potentially be utilized by a town, military base, industrial facility, etc., so you would want to think economically in terms of what technologies you choose to utilize.

Can funding come from state and private initiative? Who is paying for the technology? How do students usually explain funding? Does HEF, DOE and Air Liquide provide funding to develop a prototype system based on the designs?

This contest is about creating an innovative, usable design that has the potential to be implemented by a municipality or larger institution; students are notbuilding the design itself. Therefore, there is no need to secure outside funding for the Hydrogen Student Design Contest. HEF and DOE could provide support for top scoring teams to acquire funding.


It is important for your team to start Contest work early to be able to adhere to the deadlines of the Contest. Previous teams found the most challenging part of the Contest to finish on time. Connect with researchers and industry from the start; they can help you to refine your approach and ideas and help save time. Be aware that many companies may not give you all the information you may desire.
Review previous winning entries and see how they approached the contest. All winning entries are archived on the Contest website.

Important Dates

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Resources in support of the Rules and Guidelines and development of the entries are available here >>.






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